5K Firearms can cater to any shooters needs, from light varmint to heavy dangerous game rifles or for casual weekend plinking. 5K Firearms can supply firearms, optics, ammunition and reloading equipment from top manufacturers or can custom build a rifle for each shooters needs and budget. 5K Firearms specializes in catering to the big game hunter, whether it be rifle or handgun. 

About Us

5K Firearms is owned and operated by Gary Kuykendall and his wife Stacey. The Company was started in 1989 in Ft. Worth, Texas and was moved to Tolar, Texas in 2004 where it is currently located. Gary had an interest in firearms and hunting at an early age, and obtained an FFL License at the age of 21. Gary obtained a Texas Peace Officer Certification in 1992 and worked in law enforcement until 2000. During this time Gary gained a vast knowledge of firearms and ballistics while attending and successfully completing numerous armorers courses including Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Glock, Remington, and others. Gary also completed the CCI/Speer Ballistics course using the FBI Protocol on Terminal Ballistics. Gary now uses his knowledge in customizing and building hunting rifles, with a special interest in long range hunting of both Varmints and Big Game. Gary enjoys Big Game hunting, load development and building rifles for other hunters and rifle enthusiast. 5K believes that by producing an accurate quality rifle at an affordable price that will insure confidence and success to their customers.

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